Automatic way to condense rows after automation has moved rows


Hi team.

Not sure if this is possible so a bit of a “stab in the dark” here.

Use case:

We are using smart sheet to monitor batch allocation to orders. IF an order is part fulfilled an automation runs to move cell back to the order level sheet with the amounts left outstanding to ship. Sometimes some for the SKU’s are fully shipped and some are not. this can leave blank columns where nothing is being moved because its been fully shipped. EG SKU 1 still need 10 units shipped SKU 2 is fully Shiped, SKU3 is shipped and SKU 4 needs another ten. When automation runs it moves the row correctly as there is still items to be shipped. How ever when it arrives SKU1 has a value but SKU2 SKU3 are blank columns and SKU4 returns a value.

My question is.

Is there anyway to have the SKU4 become SKU2 in the new order, so we don’t have all the blank columns.

I hope i’m making sense.It sounds right in my head :)




  • Smartsheet User 99

    Can you send a snapshot of what's going on?

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin ✭✭✭✭

    Hi There.

    Sure thing, yes was probably a bit confusing

    SO you can see here an example. The SKU1 and SKU3 need further fulfilments. and SKU2 is fully shipped

    What I would like is that in the new sheet the these get copied to is to have SKU 2 details taken out and replaced by the SKU 3. So only the "yet to be completed" SKU's are present on the row. The use case is so when my API picks up the row information to the new invoice its not going to have zero rated lines.

    Am I making sense?