COUNTIFS and Dates

Hi everyone -

I am working on a new process for one of my business units. They have multiple date fields within the sheet. I need to count the number of dates that are either today or in the past. If a date is entered in the future then they don't want to count it until the date is reach. For example:

Date 1 = 09/01/2021

Date 2 = 2/23/2022

Date 3 = 8/01/2022

In counting, I should only have a value of 2 until the other dates are reach but my formula is only returning a value of 1.

Here is my formula: =COUNTIFS([Date 1]@row, <=TODAY(), [Date 2]@row, <=TODAY(), [Date 3], <= TODAY())

Also, if the date field is blank, how do I not show a value of 0?

Hopefully that makes sense.

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