Task board design & structure for multiple projects

I am working on multiple projects where same people/functions are brought in as SMEs. I have tried to create task boards for each person, linking in their raid from multiple project plans into one place so that they can have an overview of what is needed from them, for which project, and by when.

However, the looks and design of these task boards is just horrible currently. It is very hard to segment by project or action type, and there is no way to use colours to make it appealing to look at.

Any tips in your experience to visually enhance task boards?

Thank you!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 04/19/22

    Hi @Abnoos Moslehi

    If you're using Card View to display tasks, I would suggest having the Lanes be set to the Action Type, and then you can use colours on cards if you'd like.

    The way to set colours on cards is to set Conditional Formatting in the grid of the sheet where you set the Task Bar colour. See: Change the Color of Task Bars

    You could also embed a sheet or report into a Dashboard so that you can add extra formatting around it, or display some quick-links and summary data around the project view, too.