Data Shuttle Major Inconvenience

Mike TV
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I have a database sheet with 3 different product types. Each product type feeds 2 sheets to update dropdowns for those product types (15 columns of dropdowns per product type per sheet). So I've got 6 data shuttle workflows that were needed to update all of the dropdowns I need to keep updated.

I just added a new column to the database sheet and I'm trying to add one additional filter logic to the data shuttle workflows. After adding the column I made sure to export the sheet to Excel and attach it on the sheet so the source file would contain the new column. The problem is that the data shuttle filer logic isn't seeing the new column when I edit the existing data shuttle workflow.

I got it to recognize the new column in the filter logic only by changing the source file to a different sheet and then choosing the same source file again (the same one it was already set to) or by changing it from Most Recent to Name and then back to Most Recent again. However, by doing this it completely undid all of my mappings. There are quite a few of them I'll have to reset. I'll have to do this to all 6 data shuttle workflows.

Has anyone else ran into this problem and is there an easier way to get the new column to be recognized in the filter logic without having to spend an hour remapping 90 columns just to add 1 simple filter logic?

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