Global update failure to update dashboards when underlying data existss

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Hi there,

I am updating a number of dashboards and I'm having to go in make manual changes to areas such as selecting data fields and legend colors. This is strange as our consultants configured our dashboards originally and any time we deployed using the blueprint, it would keep these settings.

For example, one of my widgets is a Metric widget which is sourced from a single sell which has a 'Team Name'. The template which this is deployed from has this selected, but when I roll out the updated dashboard, it is shown as "Missing Data" and I have to manually select the team (see screenshot #2). The error I receive when testing this out is the the row with value (in this case 'Team') is missing as shown in screenshot #1. The original template has this cell selected which is blank, but the data source which exists in the Team workspace does have the value 'IT Security' populated and should automatically be selected

Screenshot #1 - SCC Global Update Warning when testing the change

The other issue is that my legend colors for the pie chart does not keep the defined colors. For example, all "On-track" projects are Green, but instead they are showing us as Red. Red and Yellow are used for different statuses.

Screenshot #2 - Dashboards errors

I believe this behavior was not exhibited when we deleted and recreated workspaces by re-provisioning using our blueprint. This appears to only occur on the when using Global Update on existing dashboards.

Any ideas on how I can ensure the settings defined at the template, so that we don't have to go in and manually change them?

Update - I've updated the discussion title as I cannot deploy the dashboard changes to any existing Teams which have underlying data connected to the dashboards




  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @summetg

    It's difficult to troubleshoot what may be happening without having access to your specific set-up and Control Center information. For this reason I would recommend that this quest would be best directed to Support, so you can discuss this over a screen-share and troubleshoot in a private channel.

    It's possible that this could be related to using a Primary Column value within the range. Here is some information from the Help Center that may be useful in the meantime: Troubleshoot Updates to Dashboard Widgets



  • summetg
    summetg ✭✭

    Hi @Genevieve P. - In the template I was deploying, the updated sheet which was pulling the field "Team Name" was different from the existing one, once I manually fixed that, that "missing data" issue was resolved.

    The other part of the issue is that we noticed when we deployed dashboard updates, not only circle charts but bar charts often had the colors switched around. This typically happens when the the cells which the chart pulls data from is a 0 at the time of deployment. Once again, our Smartsheet consultants who original deployed this were able to keep a colors defined with no underlying data.