Disaster Recovery / Version Control

marc4 ✭✭✭✭

What are people doing for disaster recovery and version control with the sheets and data?

Currently we have scheduled backups on all our workspaces. The completed emails get forwarded to a zapier zap that pulls the zip file and uploads it to Google Drive.

For mission critical sheets we have Data Shuttles make csv files of the sheet every hour and push them out to Google Drive.

But that only covers the contents of the sheets. Not the formulas, reports, etc. What are people doing to not loose all of that?

I've taken a quick look at the API, and it appears that if I asked for a list of all the sheets and then walked through that list and asked for all the sheet data I get a json file that contains all the contents including the formulas. This looks like the same format I could feed to the API create sheet function.

So in a disaster I could take the json files and walk through them to re-create the sheets?

Has anyone done this? Any other ideas?