Jira/Smartsheet Projects not syncing



My current projects are no longer syncing thru the JIRA connector. I get the below error message. Are there instructions to reconfigure the Webhooks as suggested here?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Irina

    There are a few potential causes for this specific error:

    1. You are attempting to create a bi-directional (automated) workflow and the workflow creation fails because the Jira Connector connection owner is not a top level Jira Administrator in Jira. For this reason, the Jira Connector is unable to create the webhook in Jira using the connection owners credentials.
    2. Requests to the Jira webhooks endpoint are being blocked in your firewall.
    3. The user that registered the Jira Server on the connector admin page does not have Jira Global Admin permissions
    4. OAuth token expired.

    The first thing I would do is verify that the user account that owns the Jira Connector connection is a Site Admin in Jira. Users without this permission cannot create Webhooks in Jira, so automated workflows won't work. 

    The next thing you can do is re-establish the OAuth token, in case point 4 above is the reason for your eorror:

    1. In your browser, log in to Jira as a Jira Global Administrator
    2. In another tab of the same browser, log in to the Connector
    3. Navigate to the Account Admin page through the upper left Menu icon (or click here https://connectors.smartsheet.com/c/jira/admin)
    4. Next to the affected Jira Server, select the edit icon (pencil)
    5. Click through the setup pages. No adjustments should be necessary.
    6. On the last page, click "Connect."
    7. You should be redirected to a Jira OAuth page. Click "Allow" to re-establish the OAuth token.

    Once the OAuth token is re-established, the webhooks should be successful as long as the OAuth token was established under the credentials of a valid Jira Global Administrator.

    If none of this has helped, please work with Smartsheet Support directly, providing them with a Workflow Execution Support Info file from the last run date. It would also be helpful for them to know the troubleshooting steps you tried above, so they can eliminate possible causes.