Checkbox workflow just stopped working...

All of a sudden, the below workflow is not working. I have tested and demoed this functionality many times and it has been working great—and then Tuesday morning it just wasn't working anymore.

In the automation tab, it is showing the workflows as having been just run (see below) but the checkbox not actually being checked or unchecked.

📊 BACKGROUND: The reason I created these workflows is because our Audience Category column is a multiselect* and you can't run a report on a multiselect. And the reports feed into our dashboard so we can view all the stakeholders in each category at a glance.

*Column has to remain a multiselect because stakeholders could be in more than one audience category.


  • The workflow IS enabled.
  • I SAVE and REFRESH after changes. I understand the workflows are a little delayed sometimes.
  • Other workflows that DO NOT have an action involving symbols (checkbox, star, flag) ARE WORKING still.
  • A separate sheet with a different workflow that also involves an action with symbols (star) IS NOT WORKING EITHER.

😭 Why would they just stop working? Any tips or insight? Anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance.


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