Getting Text in Quotes ie. "Joe Jones" to get recognized as a Contact Name

Rick Girard
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I have an issue with this formula which work perfectly, the output of the Match is a Name, I want to enable that column as a Contact column, but i am having issues parsing out the "names" in quotes to be recognized by the contact API link (outlook). It will not convert Holly Jones or any of the others to an outlook address. I used a standard ";" as a separator but it does nothing to separate each name and make it readable to the Contact interface. This is a subset of an extreme formula (3500 chars) that repeats the string with different Regions/Areas and Names and i want to enable Workflow Automation to notify those Names for Action Tasks.


Rick Girard

=IF(AND(OR(HAS([REGION]@row, "US"), HAS([REGION]@row, "CAD"), HAS([REGION]@row, "LATAM"), HAS([REGION]@row, "APJ"), HAS([REGION]@row, "EMEA")), OR(HAS([AREA]@row, "HR"),HAS([AREA]@row, "Legal, Regulatory, Compliance & Government"),HAS([AREA]@row, "Insurance"))), "Holly Jones; Rich Sands; Joe Glass;", "")


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Rick Girard

    There currently isn't a way to use a formula to bring together and output multiple contacts into one cell, the values will appear as Text values.

    You would need to have a reference table with the contacts already selected in the correct combinations. Then you could bring back the entire cell, which would have the already-selected contacts as contact values.

    Here's the enhancement request form to let the Product team know about your feature request.