'Report' on Survey Results: How do I have a 'secondary level of Count'?

Gerald Palomo
Gerald Palomo ✭✭✭

Hi Smartsheet Community!

I'm trying to generate a 'Report' based on a survey of global respondents divided by 3 Regions, and the distribution of the Rating Value both globally and by Region:

  1. I got the count of Survey responses in Total and by Region 😃 (see image below)
  2. Now, I would like to get secondary level of the count the respondents' Rating value (i.e. 5 Fantastic, 4 Good, 3 Average....1 Not Good At All, Not Applicable)

Ideas friends? I see a Filter but am perplexed on how to use it in conjunction with additional Summaries.

Thanks for your help everybody! -Gerald


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I believe the only way to do that within the report is by creating an additional Group from the Rating column and then Summarize the Rating column. Unfortunately, that will probably make it more difficult to read the results of the report.

    An alternative would be to add another column to the underlying sheet called Rating Totals or Rating Count. Then write a SUMIF or SUMIFS formula to count those rating types. Then add that column to the report. Each time a particular Rating type appears on the report it will have the total count of that Rating type next to it so it may be displayed multiple times showing the same information. At least it would be there though and you could maintain your Groups how you want to.

  • Gerald Palomo
    Gerald Palomo ✭✭✭

    @Matt Cohoon Thank you so much! Your 1st solution works! Here's a snippet. Looking forward to you solving more of my questions! Have a great weekend Matt! -Gerald