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Hello everyone. I am trying to create a useful automation for an inventory sheet. On the Sheet I have columns "Qty on Order" and "Qty Rec'd". I am trying to create an automation that will alert me if Qty Rec'd is less than Qty on order. How would I go about that?

If I set a condition "Qty rec'd is 'less than'", it wants me to enter a quantity instead of less than Qty on order.

Any ideas?


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  • Kevin Smith
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    Ha, good catch, if blank is not considered less. then I would put an IF statement around the whole thing. With this formula, I made the assumption that zero and negatives are legitimate possibilities. If not, you can use <> or '>' with a number.

    =IF(ISNUMBER([Qty Rec'd]@row), IF([Qty Rec'd]@row < [Qty on Order]@row, 1, 0))

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    Happy to help if I can.

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