populating one cell (selecting from drop-down options) based on content of another cell in sheet

Hi there, first question posted on the Smartsheet Community, here we go...

I'm trying to work out a formula/solution for automatically populating a cell (from a drop-down containing 5 geographic location options) based on the first three characters of a postcode (zip code) in another column (approx 150 postcodes).

For example, in the screenshot here, T23 is a Munster postcode, so I need to adjacent cell to select Munster from the drop-down.

My best option so far is a cumbersome IF THEN formula that includes all 150 postcodes, but I'm sure there must be a far more efficient way of doing it.

I have looked at so many formulas here int he community that my brain is now fully scrambled! Really appreciate any help and advice, thank you!

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