Help: formula won’t apply to a new template

hello, when a new templete is submitted, my formula won’t apply to the new row. Other columns will apply the formula, however “End Time Parse Left” won’t.

How can this be resolved?

please see photo below:

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @impressiveace

    Try adjusting your row references (in the image above you have 71) to be @row instead.

    =IF(LEN([End Time]@row) = 3, VALUE(LEFT([End Time]@row, 1)) * 60, VALUE(LEFT([End Time]@row, 2)) * 60)

    Then once you've adjusted your formula, you can apply it as a Column Formula so it's locked to the column. Right Click on the cell and this is one of the options in the dropdown list! See: Use column formulas to apply calculations to all rows in a sheet



  • therapy_mindset
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    Hello Genevieve,

    It worked! Please see the photo below:

    Many thanks for helping me out :)