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I want to count how many developers we have in a certain area based on two criteria, what team they are on and if they are onboarded.

=COUNTIFS({US Digital Team Members Range 2} = "API", [{US Digital Team Members Range 1} = "Building Services & Analytics", {US Digital Team Members Range 3} = "Onboarded"], 0)

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    @Kimberlee Adam

    The syntax for COUNTIFS is COUNTIFS( range1, criterion1, range2​, criterion2, ​... ). Your ranges to evaluate and the criteria are comma-separated, and you only need math operators (=, >, <, etc) with numeric values. Try this instead:

    =COUNTIFS({US Digital Team Members Range 2}, "API", {US Digital Team Members Range 1}, "Building Services & Analytics", {US Digital Team Members Range 3}, "Onboarded")

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