Formula or conditional formatting for highlighting unique task names


Hello Smartsheet Community,

I wanted to "copy" condition made in excel into my Smartsheet, and can't get it done right.

I would need to highlight unique title for the task, which doesn't exist in a different raw. I tried some different condition option but it only highlight either blank rows or every one. No idea if this can be done by conditional formatting or should I create a formula, if so which would it be?

Below pictures as reference. Thanks for help in advance :)





  • Paul H
    Paul H ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Add a helper check box column, use a formula to check the box if its unique, then base your conditional formatting off the checkbox

    =IF(COUNTIF(Asset:Asset, Asset@row) > 1, 0, 1)

  • Kamila Sroka

    Hey, thanks for the answer. Your example means I have to manually check all the unique names, but my point is to have it done automatically, like in excel, to see which raw has a unique asset from the listed ones :)

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