Active email link in Form Submission and Form Description?


I'm new working with Smartsheets and would appreciate any help!

  1. After a form is submitted, I would like the Form Submission text to include an active email link to open a user's Outlook email (our default) with a new message. However, I can't find a way to create an active link in the form submission text. Any ideas would be great.
  2. In the Form description that displays at left of the form, I would also like to include an active email link. It seems this is set up to work. I see a "mailto" field display when I highlight the email address and select the hyperlink icon. Next, I add the email address after the "mailto:" However when I open the form and click the email link, it triggers a browser window instead of triggering a new email message window.

I've been looking on the forum trying to find answers without any luck. Any assistance would be awesome!