Is it possible to fill a column without Drag-Fill

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I am new to smartsheet and hope you can help me with this: I want to write something in the top data field and then the text, number or date should be automatically copied to the rest of the column.

I found this site: Create a Series of Numbers or Dates with Drag-Fill | Smartsheet Learning Center

But the process there doesn't work automatically. Also the shortcut Ctrl + D isn't working in my sheet. If there is a trick it could solve the problem already.

Thanks in advance :)

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  • BBerry
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    TippKick - Not 100% sure what you're trying to accomplish here but it sounds like it could be solved with automation in a variety of ways.

    1. Make the column system generated data (could be date the data was entered or an automated numbering system)
    2. If, however, you want all rows to have the same data, you might want to look at an automation rule that would fill in the cell once data is entered in another column in a given row

    If you could elaborate more on what you're trying to solve for I might be better able to provide a more clear path towards resolution.

  • Paul H
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    Use a formula ="Test"

    Right click, convert to column formula, every new row will = Test

  • Hey @BBerry,

    I try to create a sheet where I begin with the end date of the project and I want to calculate the date when the project has to begin so that it will finish on time.

    For this I need, among other things, a column that simply enters the number 15 in the column whenever a new row is filled/added. The problem is that the ="15" (column formula) variant unfortunately does not work, because the entry is then not considered as a number. Do you have another idea how I could implement this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Paul H
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    have you tried =15 without the " " or =Value("15")

  • @Paul H

    I solved the problem yesterday with =Value like you suggest now. I don't know why, but I completely forgot that just =15 is also an option. So thanks for the help!