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Hi, I have a form where users fill out information and request an approval by choosing from a pre-defined list of approvers and it has a normal approval workflow. That works great, no issues. I'm working on a dashboard where the potential approvers will land to see high level "at a glance" information. One of the items I have is a report widget showing "My Approvals" from a report created by using the "Current User" filter on the report. This works great for showing the items an individual has in their approval queue but I'd like a way on the dashboard for them to go to the actual approval to act upon it. I've done a lot of searching the community but have not found a solution. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance for any help / ideas.

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    @Wayne A


    Happy to help!

    I thought you wanted the actual Approval Dialog, but that's a great workaround.

    You could probably also do it in WorkApps, with some helper columns and another Report.

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