Quarterly Budget with SUMIF


Good Morning,

I am trying to use the SUMIF function to pull data from another sheet.

=SUMIFS({Budget Requests Range 1}, {Budget Requests Range 2}, "Software", {Q/Y Lookup}, [Q/Y]@row, "")

The other content is:

Budget Amount (Budget Requests Range 1)

Type of Request (Budget Requests Range 2)

Q/Y that the budget applies to (Q/Y Lookup)

Here is the source sheet for awareness (dummy data):

Also, I have helper columns to determine the Quarter and Year based on the Estimated Date of Charge field.

I also tried this formula:

=SUMIF(COLLECT({Budget Requests Range 1}, {Budget Requests Range 2}, "Software", {Q/Y Lookup}, [Q/Y]@row, ""))

Neither of these are working out and I would love a second set of eyes to tell me what I am not seeing.


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