Sorting Order for Pivot Table


I am trying to sort my pivot table by age ranges. I have a helper column that ranks the age with a number, since the age ranges are text strings. My pivot source is a Report that is sorted by the rank. When I run the pivot on the report, my age ranges do not sort in order

Like this:

Age Bracket Sort Rank

0-4 Days 1

5-9 Days 2

10-14 Days 3

When I run the pivot, I get this, where 5-9 is out of order

I have 23 locations in this pivot, so I can't repeatedly re-order these manually. Is there any way to make the correct sort order permanent?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @AFlint

    You would need to have a 0 in front of the 5 for it to be seen as 5 and not "larger than something that begins with 3". Ex: "05-9 Days"

    You could use Find and Replace to update every instance of this value in your source sheet(s) with 05-09, if that helps.

    An alternative would be to create a Report out of this Pivot destination sheet as well.



  • AFlint
    AFlint ✭✭✭✭

    So the helper column is pretty much not needed? The Pivot is going to ignore the sort order of the source report? I believe you had posted in another discussion that the report sort was what was the driver