Near Miss Reporting

Alan R
Alan R ✭✭✭✭
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We're wanting to create a form for reporting 'Near Misses' to share with our site managers.

One of the questions on the form would ask what category the near miss would fall into such as 'slips,trips and falls', electrical, housekeeping etc.

Once submitted we would want these to automatically create a dashboard to show trends, such as the percentage of near misses that were slips, trips and falls, or housekeeping etc.

Is this possible and if so, could anybody offer some advice on how to do it please.

Thanks in advance


  • Elisabeth Wharton

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for posting here! It's absolutely possible to build a dashboard that automatically updates based on form information. The main elements you will likely need are listed below. In each case, you have the option to use self-help to learn how to build the elements yourself or to enlist Smartsheet assistance. (If you don't know the level of support that is included in your Smartsheet subscription, or you'd like to learn about a paid services engagement, reach out to your System Admin/Main Contact or your Account Manager).

    1) forms - you'll need to make sure the Category column is a drop-down column (make sure you think about if you want it to be multi or single select) and make sure you make this required on your form

    2) you could use either a metrics sheet, reports- taking advantage of grouping/summary data, or you could use sheet summary - this will be where you surface the metrics you're looking for

    3) dashbaord - organize your metrics in a digestible manner (maybe using metrics widgets)

    -Elisabeth W