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I have a reference sheet where I list the way various my sales team's names appear in different reports (i.e. first initial last name on Report 1, first name last name on Report 2, etc.).

Each of these is matched to a Contact column which holds their Smartsheet contact.

Recently, a new report format has been added that has teams instead of individual sales people. So, for example, I now have a team for Joe and Mary. I updated my Contact column to allow multiple entries on my lookup sheet.

Here's the problem- when this is meshed with the destination sheet (also a Contact column with multi-select enabled), I just get text strings with name and email, name and email. This eliminates the ability to use the Current User filter option on sheets and in reports.

Is there any way to mesh a multi-contact source to a multi-contact target with Datamesh so that I can give both team members visibility using Current User?

Please note- I tested it on the target sheet manually (no mesh)- both contacts can see the row under Current User, so I've verified that part will work.

Thanks for the help.


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @AFlint

    If the Contact Column is a Data Field that you're mapping across sheets, and both sheets are verified that this column is a Contact type with multi-select enabled, then yes, it should be no problem to pull in a cell with multiple contacts to a matching cell, displaying multiple contacts.

    I've seen it return text if the column is set to Text/Number in the destination, or a dropdown list instead of a Contact list, but it sounds like you have already checked this setting.

    One thing I will note is that the Preview in Data Mesh shows the Contact as a text string, but the output in the sheet itself will be a Contact Value.

    For example, here's my Preview (with emails blocked out):

    Here's the result (with names blocked out):

    If this isn't what you're seeing, can you verify what type of workflow you have (what the settings are), if the source is a Report or a Sheet (and if the source is a Report, how many sheets are included?)? It would be helpful to see screen captures like mine above, but please block out sensitive data.