How to add multiple email addresses in a form field for email notification purposes?



Is it possible to insert multiple email addresses in one of the fields of a form so the emails listed in it receive the alerts triggered by a workflow rule? Separating the email addresses with a semicolon (like in MS Outlook or any other email client) does not do the trick, Smartsheet seems to handle the whole list of emails like a large string of characters, it does not capture each individual contact, so the emails are not being delivered to the emails listed in the Smartsheet cells of a particular column when it contains multiple email addresses.

However, if the email addresses are separated by a space or a semicolon, by simply entering the cell and hitting the ENTER key Smartsheet is able to pick up the multiple email addresses. Therefor, multiple email addresses are correctly separated by Smartsheet when the cell is edited, but it is not able to do it when the row has been created by a form.

How should users be instructed to input multiple email addresses in the form so the rules are able to pick them up and send alerts correctly?


  • Joaquinwood
    Joaquinwood ✭✭✭

    Before anyone has to ask, I forgot to mention in my previous message that I do have the column configured to allow multiple contacts.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Joaquinwood

    If you have a set number of contacts and you know who they are, I would recommend adding them as Values in the column properties. Then these will appear as options to select in the form, from a dropdown list.

    If you've set up this field to have a dropdown, then users can add more contacts by typing in the email and hitting "enter" after each entry to add them to the cell.

    However if you want to leave the field blank (without any pre-set values to choose from, so there is no dropdown list), then in this case your users will need to separate the emails with a comma. This will submit as contacts into the underlying sheet!

    Let me know if this works for you.