Counting how many cells have any of some multiple options in them per column


Hi everyone.....

I'm so close but so far.

I want a formula that sums how many times each cell has any of several options in them.

My pseudo-code: Look at all the cells in a column. If a column's cell has A, B, or C in it or any combo of A,B or C, count it as 1. Count all the cells and tell me how many cells have either A, B, or C in them.

I currently have something that will count if the cell only has one of the possible options, but not if the cell has multiple of the possible options:

=COUNTIF([column:column, OR(@cell = "MS4 Task sent", @cell = "MS4 Mid way point chase", @cell = "MS4 Response received", @cell = "MS6 Task sent", @cell = "MS6 Mid way point chase", @cell = "MS6 Response received"))

If more than one of those options are in the cell, it doesn't count anymore. Should it be AND? Some kind of AND/OR combo?

Thanks folks!




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