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    Strikes me as a simple INDEX/MATCH case, so your column formula in [Wire 1 Stock] would look like this:

    =IFERROR(INDEX({Inventory Stock Control PickStockQuantity}, MATCH([Wire 1]@row, Inventory Stock Control PickItemName, 0)), "")

    This assumes, for the first of those references, that you've selected the [Stock Quantity] column in the Inventory Stock Control sheet and named the Sheet reference name as indicated. I always use Pick... and then concatenate that with the concatenated name of the column I'm referencing.

    Note that you probably won't be able to simply copy/paste that formula. INDEX/MATCH formulas have to be be manually built so that the cross-referencing will operate. However, you can use the following formula (it will initially give an error; ignore that and proceed) and double-click the ...Column "words" and then perform the Reference Another Sheet actions for the external/reference sheets.

    =IFERROR(INDEX(ReferenceSheetPickContentColumn, MATCH([CurrentSheetMatchColumn]@row, ReferenceSheetPickMatchColumn, 0)), "")

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