Automation on Sheet One from a row that is linked from Sheet Two

Hi there,

I have two sheets for a company I work for. One sheet (called Permitting) is used to track permitting statuses for different jobs we have, as we have to deal with dozens of different townships to get approval for installation, which takes weeks to months. The other sheet (called Job List), is our general job status tracker, that ensures we have customer approval and is going through the fabrication process. I have a column from the permitting sheet called "Permit Status" that is linked to the job list sheet. I wanted to set up an automation that, when the permit status on the permit sheet is changed to "verbal approval", which would then show on the job list sheet as "verbal approval", send a notification to our boss requesting him to double check the job and attachments and then approve or deny it, which (if approved) would then send a notification to our scheduler that the job is ready for production. However, when I set up that automation, it doesn't seem to work because the change isn't actually happening on the job list sheet, but the permit sheet. And I want to attach the most recent attachments from the job list sheet that aren't on the permit sheet, so setting up the automation on the permit sheet wouldn't seem to work. Anyone know of a workaround?

One thing I tried was to set up an automation where, if on the job list the permit status is showing as verbal approval and the row is modified, then it will send the automation. But days or weeks could go by without any other column changing for that specific row, and I don't want there to be a long delay in notifying the boss that the job is ready for review.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.