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Hello all! A question about a formula and/or Modified Date System Column. In my task list, I have a column marked "Due Date." Our team may extend that due date, and my manager would like to keep a record of when the due date was modified. I was wondering if it was possible to have the system column "Modified Date" only correspond to one single column. Alternatively, is there a formula that could help keep track of this that I could then send to a report or sheet summary? Thank you!


  • Mike TV
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    @Andrew R.

    I don't believe so. However, you can right-click on a cell and choose View Cell History to see what it was changed from and to and by whom and when. So you should already have what you need.

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    Hi @Andrew R.

    I hope you're well and safe!

    To add to Matt's excellent advice/answer.

    Here's a possible workaround or workarounds

    • You could check the Activity Log.
    • Please have a look at my post below with a method I developed.

    More info: 

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic weekend!


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  • It turns out that my manager no longer needs this! Sorry about all that. With that said, @Matt C. and @Andrée Starå thank you for the solution! I will say, I'm new to the more complex formulas, so I may need some visual walk-throughs as you explain :)

    On a related note, the sheet I was referring to in my OP is a separate sheet from my normal "To Do" list. There are three columns that are listed on that sheet as "Due Date," "New Due Date," and "Due Date After Revision." I would like not to have to worry about updating my due dates twice, so I was wondering if, when a new due date is added to the latter two columns, would I be able to use the VLOOKUP function to change the due date on my sheet?

    I appreciate your patience and help!

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