How do I split data from Master Schedule?

Hey everyone,

I have a master schedule that has close to 1500 rows and 30 rows. We have 5 departments in the company and everyone is using the same sheet, so it can be slow at times. I would like to separate the master schedule into 5 separate sheets, one for each department.

In the master schedule, each department would check its respective checkbox when the task is done for that row. Then, the admin would remove that row at the end of the day when all 5 checkmarks are there. So, in a way, I need to create 5 new sheets that are all still linked.

I tried doing cell reference, but smartsheet has a limitation of 500 cells that can be copied. I would need to do this about 90 times.

Is there a smarter way to do this?

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Tvl_97

    You can edit most cells via a Report: updating the cells in the Report would then automatically update the underlying source sheet!

    I agree with @L_123 that splitting your master sheet into 5 separate Reports (each only showing the relevant columns per-department), then having your users update the Report would likely be the easiest way to proceed.

    You won't be able to edit locked cell, cells with a formula, and some specific cells that have to do with Project Settings if dependencies are enabled (e.g. the "End Date" of a Project task - see the bottom of this Help Article). However, any regular text/number columns, checkbox, or dropdown columns would be editable.

    You can then set up an automation on the underlying sheet to let you know when all 5 checkboxes have been checked. You could also use a Filter on each Report so it filters out any checked rows for that department.