Multiple IF AND ISBLANK Criteria in Formula

What I'm trying to accomplish:

  1. If [Approved] is checked, change [Status] to "Complete"
  2. If [Ad RSS Link], [Subject Line], and [Done] are not blank, change [Status] to "Proofing"
  3. If [Ads Entered] is checked, change [Status] to "Proofing"
  4. If none of the above are true, [Status] will be "Waiting for Information"

Here is the formula I'm using, but it keeps coming back as UNPARSEABLE. I've looked it over and retyped it a few times to no avail. Am I missing something?

=IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Approved@row])), "Complete", IF(AND(NOT(ISBLANK([Ad RSS Link]@row)), NOT(ISBLANK([Done]@row)), NOT(ISBLANK([Subject Line]@row)), "Proofing", IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Ads Entered]@row)), "Proofing", "Waiting for Information"))))

Thank you so much for the help and insight!


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