Recurring form submission error

We continue to see this error in forms connected to a specific sheet, even when all inputs are given, required or not:

The information you entered is incomplete or invalid.

We have 4 identical forms, except one value in a hidden field. The error has occurred in several of the forms since we created them six months ago. They are each a duplicate of the same "template" form.

Once the error occurs on a form, it persists until "fixed". No one can submit new entries via the form, external users or users in our account. It just appears "broken".

The only "fix" we have found is to delete and recreate the faulty form from the template. Sometimes the error occurs from the first submission attempt, and we recreate again.

The sheet has another 2 forms, on which the error has never occurred. These are not created with the same template form.

Are we missing something obvious, or has anyone seen anything similar? I am happy to expand on any details left out 🙂

Form characteristics

  • The form has two hidden fields with default values. One is a Text/Number column, the other a Dropdown (Single Select) column.
  • There is no form logic.

Sheet characteristics

  • 55 columns
  • 6,500 rows
  • 8 automations: 7 notifications, 1 "Copy a row"
  • 6 active forms, two in addition to the four problematic ones

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