Multiple IF(AND) References


Hi All,

This might be a simple one but cannot seem to figure out where I'm going wrong. See image below.

So, if my AREA CONCAT column has VALUE 1 in it then I need it to cross reference the first table (bottom right) and run an IF(AND) formula to realize what time slot it's between.

If it's VALUE 2 then it needs to reference the table 2 (bottom right). And there are another 7 more tables like this with 7 different values.

The formula you can see is only for the two tables so far. Is there an easier way to get to this result? Any help on this would help as this formula works for the VALUE 1 but cannot seem to get it working for VALUE 2. I'm wondering if there is a way to infuse an OR function to get to my desired result?

Thanks in advance.