Automations - Email change request for changes to only one cell


Hi, I'm trying to attempt a Dynamic View workaround since my agency does not have it at this time. We have set up a "checkIn" sheet for all incoming department enrollment forms. Each client is a row, with pertinent fields for my team to manually fill, etc.

We have set up a multi-select field call "Missing Data". During at least two different parts of our checkin process, my team will be required to check for missing data and add it to the client's row. What I would like to do is set up an automation that would trigger an email update request when my team has added something to that field.

The email recipient would then have access to the comment section, attachment and to a Missing Data Checkbox field. They could then upload corroborating documentation, add comments about the missing data, check the box once they have finished and submit.

An email notification would then be sent back to my team to review the comments and make any necessary changes. They would then uncheck the box and remove the resolved item from the missing data field.

The issue I'm having is that I feel like the automations don't really fit into this mold. If I select "When rows are added or changed" then the recipient would get spammed with email since my team could potentially be frequently modifying several cells in the row. Is there any way to limit an automate this to a single cell?