Sheet "Description", similar to Column Description

Hi Smartsheet community!

I love the Column Description feature, and we use it to provide guidance to sheet users on how each column is meant to be used. It is invaluable to us!

It would be REALLY helpful to have the same feature for the Sheet itself. Because before you even ask yourself what the column is used for, it would be helpful to understand what the purpose of the Sheet is. I would love to see a little icon by the Sheet Name/Favorite Star that users could click on to provide instructions.

I have already submitted a Product Enhancement for this feature (and I hope those of you reading who think this idea is a good one will do the same!).

In the meantime - has anyone done anything clever that we might be able to use? I thought of using a Sheet Comment, but it seems so unintuitive. My users don't seem to use the Sheet Comment icon on the right toolbar that exposes the Sheet level comments very much - when they want to comment I generally see them using the comment button for each row.

What creative approaches have you used to provide "Help" to your users?