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I'm trying to make a formula for a checkbox column where if the column titled "Expected result" is positive, but the "Results" column is negative, then the checkbox will be filled (and vice versa if expected is negative and result is positive). However, I cannot say if the expected result column and results column don't equal each other to check the box, because there are other rows in the sheet that I don't want checked and aren't equal.

I tried this formula, but got an #unparseable error. Any suggestions for improvement?

=if([Expected result]@row = "+" AND([Results]@row = "+"), 0, IF([Expected result]@row = "-" AND([Results]@row = "-"), 0, IF([Expected result]@row = "+" AND([Expected result]@row = "-"), 1, IF([Expected result]@row = "-" AND([Results]@row = "+"), 1))))


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