Basic checkbox counting to apply status option to Parent rows only

I am unable to get the output to say "Not Started" in the Status column for the formula I am using. What is missing? Also, is there a way to reference "Done" part of the Children of the parent without specifying the exact row number (e.g. "Done2") in the formula?

Formula example that needs fixing below:

=IF(COUNTIFS(Done2:Done6, 1) = COUNT(Done2:Done6, 0), "Not Started", IF(COUNTIFS(Done2:Done6, 1) = COUNT(Done2:Done6), "Complete", "In Progress"))

Status option (Not Started, In Progress, Completed) definitions are:

"Not Started" = no marked checkboxes in the children of a Parent row

"In Progress" = at least one marked checkbox (but not all checkboxes) in the children of a Parent row.

"Complete" = all checkboxes are marked within the Parent row



  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    You'll need a helper column to count the # of children each parent has. You can hide this helper column after you set it up. Here's an example:

    Here's the formula to paste into each parent's Status column:

    =IF(COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Done@row), =1) = [Children Count]@row, "Complete", IF(COUNTIFS(COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Done@row), =1), >0, COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Done@row), =1), <[Children Count]@row), "In Progress", IF(COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Done@row), =1) = 0, "Not Started")))

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