Is there a way to customize the layout of the approval email

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Hi, I have an automation set up that sends the data to an approver who either approves or declines. They can comment but was wondering if 1- we can put comments at the top of the email and the fields below 2-can we remove the access to the sheet but still give them view on all the fields? 3- Can we add text boxes or questions for the approver (like for example add a question that the approver answers before hitting approved)? Thanks for your help :)


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @melimitch

    Great questions!

    1 - No, there currently isn't a way to adjust where the comment field appears in the Approval form.

    2 - Yes, you can send an Approval Request to a contact that isn't shared to the sheet. This would only provide them with visibility into the fields that you send out with that request from that one row.

    See: Requirements for creating and receiving approval requests and Customize the content of your alerts and requests

    3 - Not with an "Approval" type of action in a workflow. However, instead of sending an Approval request, you would use an Update Request. See: Automatically request updates on tasks

    This would allow you to open up other fields from that row for the person you're emailing to edit (without sharing them to the sheet). Any locked columns in your sheet would appear as read-only in this email, but you could have new columns with short questions as the column title, allowing the approver to add content in that cell as well.

    Let me know if you'd like to see screen captures of this example and I'd be happy to help further.



  • Rich J

    I would like to replace the "Link to sheet" at the bottom of the email with a link to a Specific Dynamic view. Currently I am adding the dynamic view link into the text. It would just be nice to change this piece.