Contact name is not updating

I have a user who we've shared sheets to and her name is not updating.

It keeps reverting back to the old one. I've changed her in contacts. Changed her on sheets. She actually appears correct in my contacts but not when I share sheets.

I've read that the user can change their profile name-is that accurate?



  • Have you tried simply re-entering this person as a whole new contact instead of trying to change the existing contact, then removing the old contact?

  • The issue isn't with my contacts which are accurate.

    In the sheets I have shared access to, this person's name still appears incorrectly and manually typing in the email address still defaults to the incorrect name for that email.

  • What I mean is:

    Go to the black bar on the left hand side, at the bottom is the "account" option, open it up, select "My Smartsheet Contacts", find the contact and regardless if it is correct on there erase it, then press the add button and manually put in the contact with the correct email.

    If you use automation you will likely have to edit that automation to remove the person old contact and now replace it with the new one.

    Worth a try?

  • Might be important to add that if you use a schedule recurrence for sending as an attachment that you cannot edit the recipients of that occurrence and need to remake the schedule entirely to change recipients.

  • I tried the scenarios above and none work. Here is the scenario:

    1. Add a contact to "My Contacts" list "[email protected]"
    2. Add the contact to Assigned To column where it is restricted to contacts. "[email protected]"
    3. Noticed there is no name and I want to capitalize the email address.
    4. Edit it in contacts but it won't allow me change the email address so I just add a name because I did not have one previously. Added "Info Michelle" as the name
    5. View it in my assign to list. it is still the same. it did not update and does not show the name.
    6. Delete it from contacts and re-add the contact with [email protected] to correct the incorrect capitalization.
    7. In the Assigned To field, type in the same name but with the proper capitilizaton for the email and it asks me if I want to add a new contact even though there is one in the contacts already. I say no and it reverts back to the incorrect spelling of "[email protected]"

    Any ideas for it to 1) display the name 2) update the email capitalization?