Active Faces via API



I am exploring Smartsheet API. We are integrating Smartsheet API with a web application. Is there a way via API where we can show a list of Active Faces ( or active users) who are currently active directly on a sheet ?

Our requirement - On web application we want to inform a user if any sheet has active users working. So if any user is actively viewing or working in a sheet we do not want any action from web application to push changes to smart sheet object.



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Mukesh Thakor ,

    There currently isn't a way in the API to display active faces when other users are working on a specific item. When you have a moment, please let our Product team know about your feedback by filling in this form, here. Thank you!

    I understand that you'd like to prevent any changes to be made via the API while there are any active users to avoid potential data loss; however, if several users would be working at once on the same item, it shouldn't cause any data loss as each save will create a new sheet version.

    There is a chance that some unexpected changes in the item structure may occur if several saves are made from different users in a short space of time. Note, however, that data would never be lost even in these cases and users could always use the cell history and snapshots from the core application if some of the data would be overwritten.

    I hope this can be of help for what you are trying to build.