Nested IF & VLOOKUP for Checkbox


So I'm trying to write a formula to pull a date from Sheet 1

if a checkbox is checked and match it to the same email on Sheet 2 .

=IF({Sheet 1 Range 1} = true, VLOOKUP([Column2]@row, {Sheet 1 Range 2}, 3, false), "")

Occasionally Smartsheets gives me trouble with pulling information from date columns that I've set to pull dates from a 3rd sheet (the schedule maker sheet- so that people don't mix up the dates when picking the workshop they assign). When I was testing this, I tried just the VLookup portion and it worked on day 1, so I c/p that working formula into a sticky note and continued to fiddle hoping to get the IF portion to work correctly. Day 2, I copy and pasted that exact formula back in only to get an #Invalid Column Value error.

I've used both 1 and true when checking for the checkbox, since they both seem to work for different types of formulas.

The column properties are set as date in both sheets.


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