Search not finding data entered via WorkApps


I have a sheet with a form. Last month I added that form to a new WorkApp to make it easier to access by our technicians. It appears that all the data entered after that time isn't showing up when I search for it. It's in the sheet. Data entered before the form was added to the WorkApp is showing up in search. Is this a known issue? Anyone else seeing this? I'm guessing something is wrong with the search indexing.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @pralnwuf

    How soon after rows are added are you searching for the data in Smartsheet? It's currently expected that the search index can take up to 10 minutes to find newly entered data.

    If it's been more than an hour but the information is still not appearing in Search, please contact the Support team with screen recordings of your process and the unexpected behaviour you're seeing.



  • pralnwuf

    Thanks @Genevieve P. It's definitely more than hour. It seems to be related to adding the form to a WorkApp. So some of that data is a month old and still not showing up. I'll reach out to support.