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GrantHarvey ✭✭
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I'm playing around with WorkApps, and couldn't find a solution at first glance.

I imported both a dashboard (with quick links to other sheets) and various sheets. Within the work app, clicking the quick links in the dashboard take me out of the "work app" and to the sheet within the original "smartsheet" frame work.

Is it possible to tweak the link somehow, so it just opens the page within the work app?

Or possibly a better question - any input on how to best structure our internal file hierarchy? We are on construction, so each project has it's own folder:

Job Folder

  • - Project Dashboard
  • - Project Folder - Sheets
  • - schedule
  • - selections
  • - estimate vs actual report
  • - ect ect
  • - Project Folder - Reports
  • - misc reports for the job that display in the dashboard

We have ~12-15 projects in some form of production at the same time, between 3 project managers. My original goal was to have each project manager with their own work app, to easily navigate between all their jobs. I'm now thinking I should have a work app for each project.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @GrantHarvey

    Dashboard quick links will link out to that specific URL; this means that even if the URL you're linking to is a Smartsheet item that's a page in the Workapp, the URL will take you to another browser tab since that URL is not recognized as that same page item, as you've found.

    In this instance I personally wouldn't put the URL as a Dashboard quick link but instead just use the Workapp navigation as the "Iink" if that makes sense. Or keep both, but educate your users on how to navigate within the Workapp.

    In regards to your structure... I would say it probably makes sense to create 3 Workapps, one for each Project Manager (so they don't have to see the projects they're not involved in). I say that because it sounds like they can access each Project individually already from within your Smartsheet set-up.