Calendar App missing the "settings" option?

Robert Hawkey
Robert Hawkey ✭✭
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I've recently become the Owner of a Smartsheet Calendar in the Calendar App. Some of the team that use this calendar have told me that it is missing some functionality when trying to add new events. I've found the solution but it's in the calendar settings which should be accessible in the drop down menu in the upper right, but the only options I have are:

"Open Sheet"


and three "Download" options. Does anybody know where the settings button went?

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  • Robert Hawkey
    Robert Hawkey ✭✭
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    Contacted Smartsheet support. This is a sharing issue. The original owner made me the owner of the sheet but that didn't put the calendar under "My Calendars". So now we need to go through our IT department to reactivate her email and transfer the calendar itself.