How can I add up and down arrows showing a upward and downward trend.

On column Q2 row 4-9 (attached), how can i add a up arrow/down arrow showing that trend.

Is there a way I can export the complete data table and display pie charts for each goal area and measure of success.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @ngruns

    The way I would do this is to add a new column next to Q2 as a Symbol type of column.

    Then you can use a formula to automatically return an Up arrow if the cell in your Q2 columns contains the word "increase", or a Down arrow if it contains "drop".

    For example:

    =IF(CONTAINS("increase", [Q2]@row), "Up", IF(CONTAINS("drop", [Q2]@row), "Down"))

    You can then make this a Column Formula, see: Use column formulas to apply calculations to all rows in a sheet

    In regards to creating a Pie Chart, the way that a Smartsheet chart works is that it needs all of the data to map. This means you can't just have 53% in a cell, you would also need to have 47% in another cell so the chart can map both points of data.

    However if you don't need a Pie Chart, what I would suggest doing is use the row as the source of your data in a Line Graph so that you can see the evolution over time. You can select from Jan to Dec in that one row as the source, the exclude out your Quarter columns so it only has the numerical numbers included in the range.

    Here's a webinar that goes through creating Dashboard widgets: SmartStart: Dashboards