COUNTIF statement - if there is a number greater than zero then it counts as one

Adriane Price
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I think I need to use a countif statement but I am unsure how to incorporate this formula. If there is a number in one of those cells greater than zero under the 'Service Type', 'Project ID', 'Project End Date', 'Reason for Termination' or 'Resource posted time?' columns then for that person in the PRM column it should count it as 1.

I have tried and IF OR and COUNTIF

1st Formula resulted in #UNPARSEABLE

=IF(OR(Category8 = <>"",[Service Type]@row = "",[Project ID]@row = "",[Project End Date]@row = "",[Reason for Termination]@row = "", [Resource posted time?]@row = "", ), 1)

2nd Formula resulted in #INVALID OPERATION

=COUNTIFS(Category9:Category9, CONTAINS(">0", [Service Type]@row, [Project ID]@row, [Project End Date]@row, [Reason for Termination]@row, [Resource posted time?]@row))



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