Using Partial Data to Create a Report

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I have a Project Plan Tracking document that contains data from several different projects in progress. My question lies in wanting to create a report for one of the aforementioned projects. I will call it Project A

The problem lies where I cannot create a report for Project A without including the data from the other projects within the Project Plan tracking document.

I have used a workaround by adding a column with a numbering convention that I can filter by. The issue with that is that I have to create several tracking documents in order to filter correctly, which i is cumbersome.

Is there an easier way to achieve the desired result?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Antonio de Sousa
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    It sounds you are working with a Portfolio Overview Sheet where each row is a project, and you want to extract data from a unique Project (row) to create a separate report.

    You should create a separate sheet (Project Metadata) for each project and make your individual report from it. On each of this new sheet you create a number of columns, the same number as in your Portfolio Overview. You also need to include a row with the name of all the columns you need data from. Then use INDEX MATCH functions based on project ID number/name and column names to import your data from the Overview.

    It will look something like this.

    Check the PMO template from Smartsheet as it has the templates you need. Setup: Project Management Office -

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