countif and contains statement for extended drop down menu


Hi all,

I would like to reach out to the community to help me solve my (probably simple) issue I am facing.

To provide you with some context: I am building an online database to enable tracking all the requested amendments and to gain inside into invoicing on a small scale. This database is created for different layers to work with (from operation up until MT).

I am struggling to make up the formulas for the dashboard I want to create. I want to use a statement that includes multiple criteria or just one that have been selected from a drop down menu. For instance the use of a certain pallet type.

This is one of the formulas that does work: =COUNTIFS({Copy of VP HANDBOOK 2022 Range 1}; 0; {Copy of VP HANDBOOK 2022 Range 9}; "no palletized deliveries")

(the 0 in bold is linked to a checkbox)

Now, I want to calculate how many rows contain "no palletized deliveries" as well as other requirements that have been selected from a drop down. I tried this: =COUNTIF({Copy of VP HANDBOOK 2022 Range 9}; CONTAINS("no palletized deliveries"; {Copy of VP HANDBOOK 2022 Range 9}))

But this statement does return "0" but I know that there are combinations that contain that criteria. Could someone please help me out?

Thank you very much in advance!


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