Handling Subscriptions

Mark Salamon
Mark Salamon ✭✭✭
edited 06/20/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Looking for some ideas on whether this can be done with SS and, if so, how.

(This is fictionalized but the requirements described are real.)

A set of editors will be adding news items to a sheet using a form. The news items will be about American football. Every record will contain two _multiple_ choice columns:

1 - Which football team(s) the news item is about (with an "All" option)

2 - The subject of the new item: A game, a trade, team business/financials, etc., (or "Any")

Readers can subscribe to news items. They can choose to be notified about every item or they can limit what they are interested in by one or more team(s) and one or more subject(s). The subscriptions would be stored in another sheet.

For ex, I may choose to be notified only when the item is about the Cowboys or Bills, and if the subject is a game or trade. I would like to use SS's built in notification tools for this. Therefore, if a news items is added about a trade between the Jets and Bills, I should be notified.

Is there any way natively to set this up so that each reader is notified only about news items they have subscribed to?