How to manage revisions through attachments/proofs

KGetchell ✭✭
edited 06/21/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Good morning! We are exploring the Proofing function to manage the various versions of our drawings. At the start of a project, a request is submitted to our design team to create a drawing that illustrates the scope of work for a project. Once the drawing is complete, the Designer uploads the drawing file (PDF) as an attachment. If there are revisions required, the Sales team will convert the attachment to a proof, annotating the required changes.

Once the Designer revises the drawings, they will then upload the revised PDF (Revision 1) to the sheet. This is where it gets muddy. We understand how to create a new version of a proof if Revision 1 also has changes. We also understand how to view previous versions of proofs so we have a history of the changes over the course of a project.

What is best practice to manage the actual attachments? Ultimately we would only want the latest and greatest drawing attached to the row. Once a drawing is deemed "final", should we just be deleting the previous attachments? Will deleting any attachments affect the ability to review previous versions of proofs?

Thank you in advance!