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Hello I am trying to write a formula that looks at two different columns on my Smartsheet and returns a value based on what is in the cells.

I want to look at ticket location column and if value is "Complete" I want to return value "Implemented"

Second I want to look at Fix Version Column and if it is blank return "Backlog", if there is a value in the cell then I want to return "Scheduled"

I have tried this formula in multiple ways but keep getting either unparseable or invalid errors.

Below are two examples of what I have tried so far:

=IF([Ticket Location]@row = "Completed", "Implemented"), IF([Fix Version (Vijay)]@row = "", "Backlog", "Scheduled")))

=IF(OR([Ticket Location]@row = "Completed"), "Implemented", IF(OR(ISBLANK([Fix Version (Vijay)]@row), "Scheduled", "Backlog"))))

The formulas that I got to work individually are:

=IF(OR([Ticket Location]@row = "Completed"), "Implemented")

=IF([Fix Version (Vijay)]@row = "", "Backlog", "Scheduled")

=IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Fix Version (Vijay)]@row)), "Scheduled", "Backlog")



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