How do I assign a contact list cell based on the value of a contact in another contact list row cell

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I have a sheet that serves as a reservation system. It's based around a contact list row called "Resource". I have a 2nd contact list cell called "Who's Up Next". I want an automated workflow either based on time /date or triggered that will set "Resource" to "Who's up Next" and then clear "Who's Up Next"

Right now seems like the assign people automated workflow only allows a static email address and not the value from another cell.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @fairc2

    You're correct that currently the Assign People workflow will assign static values based on what you identify within the workflow, it doesn't have the ability to read other cells and input that value instead.

    Based on your description I would use a formula instead of a workflow. For example, you could use an INDEX formula to return a value from your first contact column if certain conditions are met (e.g. it's the row number after this current row).

    I'd be happy to help you sort out this formula, but we'd need to know more about your current process and sheet set-up. What are the conditions to bring in the contact? What contact are you looking for, and how do you know it's that contact? What conditions would trigger the cell to "clear"?

    It would also be helpful to see full screen captures of your sheet, but please block out sensitive data.